Thursday, April 30, 2009

Benefits of using biodiesel energy

Biodiesel is a renewable source of energy obtained from renewable vegetable oils. It is obtained from the transesterification of vegetable oils. The energy possessed by bio diesel is called biodiesel energy. Biodiesel energy has an immense potential to meet the ever increasing energy demands of all the nations. Biodiesel energy has developed as an important source of energy that is used for several purposes.

Biodiesel energy can be used for powering cars, trucks, tractors, boats, shipping equipment, irrigation systems, mining equipment and also electrical generators.

There are several benefits of using biodiesel energy over the conventional sources. It results in better engine performance, helps in reduction in vehicular emissions, provides better lubrication and hence less wear and tear of the engine and fuel systems.

It also leads to better safety during transportation, is a non toxic source of energy, is biodegradable, results in reduced dependence on fuels like diesel and petrol, does not contain any sulphur or substances associated with fossil fuels and It does not emit any green house gases and reduces the affect of global warming.

It is also less expensive and also cost effective and is a renewable source of energy that will always be available for use.

As opposed to biodiesel energy, conventional sources of energy are exhaustible, cause pollution, emit toxic particles into the atmosphere, expensive and prone to end one day. The use of biodiesel energy has thus increased so that it finally becomes the only alternative source of energy that is able to meet the rising energy demands.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sources of biodiesel energy

Biodiesel is a bio fuel that possesses energy that is known as biodiesel energy. The biodiesel energy is being used in large quantities because it is a renewable, eco friendly and a cost effective source of energy.

Biodiesel energy can be obtained from a number of sources. Biodiesel can be manufactured from waste vegetable oil. It is the most economical source of biodiesel production but the availability of waste vegetable oil is not sufficient enough to meet the increasing energy needs. Biodiesel energy can be obtained by converting the waste vegetable oil into products like soap. Biodiesel energy can also be obtained from bio diesel produced from animal fats.

Bio diesel produced from crops is also a source of biodiesel energy. Plants use the process of photosynthesis to convert solar energy into chemical energy. This chemical energy is stored in bio diesel and released in the form of biodiesel energy when the bio diesel is burnt.

Algae are another source from which bio diesel energy can be obtained. However, algae have not been used on a commercial scale for the production of bio diesel.

All the sources of biodiesel energy are renewable and easily available. They are the least expensive sources and can be deployed easily wherever required. Biodiesel energy sources do not cause any pollution and are also easy to maintain. The use of all types of bio diesel sources is increasing and becoming more and more popular and convenient.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

How to make bio diesel

Biodiesel energy is the energy obtained from bio diesel. Bio diesel is a non petroleum fuel that is used mainly for diesel engine vehicles. Mostly, biodiesel used for generating biodiesel energy is obtained from vegetable oil or animal fats.

The use of biodiesel energy has increased because biodiesel is reliable, cheap and environmental friendly.

The methods of making biodiesel to be used in biodiesel energy generation are Vegetable oil and mixing of other oils with gas.

Vegetable oil can be used to make bio diesel. For using biodiesel made from vegetable oil, the diesel engine needs to be modified so that it can optimally run on bio diesel. In such cases, there are separate tanks for bio diesel and ordinary diesel. The engine can be started with ordinary diesel and later a switch can be used to shift to biodiesel. This method is cheap, convenient, clean and easy to make biodiesel.

By Mixing oil with gas or petroleum, the vegetable oil which is thick can be made thin and lets it easily flow into combustion chambers of diesel vehicles. Gas, kerosene or petrol can be mixed with vegetable oil. However, this results to the presence of impurities in bio diesel. The mixing can be done in any ratio.

Vegetable oil or animal fats can also be converted to biodiesel. Engines of diesel vehicles do not need any modifications for running on biodiesel. Bio diesel can be put directly into the tanks. Biodiesel is a clean, safe and ready to use fuel.

Biodiesel energy obtained from biodiesel can be put to various uses and can be used optimally and effectively to meet energy needs.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Why is biodiesel energy gaining importance as an alternative source?

Biodiesel is the fuel from natural sources. It burns like ordinary diesel to produce biodiesel energy. Biodiesel is made from natural vegetable oils or animal fats by the process of transesterification. In this process the oils and fats are converted to useful esters and the fatty acids are removed.

There are several reasons why biodiesel energy is gaining importance as an alternative source of energy. It is environment friendly and can be easily used in big and heavily polluted cities to reduce pollution and preserve the environment. It is biodegradable as it breaks down at least five times faster than ordinary diesel. It is non toxic as it does not emit either carbon monoxide or sulfur dioxide. It reduces cancer risks by almost ninety percent. Biodiesel energy extends the life of vehicle engines and is also a less expensive source of energy. It can be used without making any modifications to the diesel engines. Biodiesel has better lubricity and does not cause wear and tear of the engines. It also gives more power to the engines as it ignites faster because of high cetane value. Biodiesel energy is safer to handle because bio diesel is non- flammable and non- explosive. If there is any spillage of bio diesel into water, the environment is not adversely affected in any way. Biodiesel energy helps in sustainable growth of the economy and the nation.

Biodiesel energy is available readily and can be used immediately as an alternative source of energy.