Thursday, May 14, 2009

Biodiesel and water

Biodiesel as a renewable energy source is non petroleum based fuel that is used to generate bio diesel energy. Biodiesel has a property that it is immiscible in water and this property helps in the production of biodiesel energy easily. Also biodiesel is hygroscopic which means that it can absorb atmospheric moisture and although this moisture is present in a small quantity it may create several problems when using bio diesel energy.

Several problems are encountered in the use of biodiesel energy products if the biodiesel that is used contains water. The combustion properties of biodiesel are reduced when water is present in it. This results in the generation of more smoke and less power from biodiesel energy products. When biodiesel energy products containing water are used to run diesel engine vehicles, they can corrode fuel pumps, fuel lines, injectors etc. Paper element filters may rot and can cause the failure of fuel pump system if water is present in bio diesel.

The freezing of water at zero degrees can form crystals that increase the gelling of biodiesel. The fuel system of a diesel vehicle that is powered by biodiesel energy products can get plugged if the biodiesel has water content in it. This can even damage the pistons of diesel engines.

Because the use of biodiesel energy is becoming very popular as an alternative energy source methods have to devised to overcome the problems caused by water content in biodiesel. These problems can be overcome by generating this form of energy by mixing products like petroleum, gas and kerosene.

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