Thursday, April 30, 2009

Benefits of using biodiesel energy

Biodiesel is a renewable source of energy obtained from renewable vegetable oils. It is obtained from the transesterification of vegetable oils. The energy possessed by bio diesel is called biodiesel energy. Biodiesel energy has an immense potential to meet the ever increasing energy demands of all the nations. Biodiesel energy has developed as an important source of energy that is used for several purposes.

Biodiesel energy can be used for powering cars, trucks, tractors, boats, shipping equipment, irrigation systems, mining equipment and also electrical generators.

There are several benefits of using biodiesel energy over the conventional sources. It results in better engine performance, helps in reduction in vehicular emissions, provides better lubrication and hence less wear and tear of the engine and fuel systems.

It also leads to better safety during transportation, is a non toxic source of energy, is biodegradable, results in reduced dependence on fuels like diesel and petrol, does not contain any sulphur or substances associated with fossil fuels and It does not emit any green house gases and reduces the affect of global warming.

It is also less expensive and also cost effective and is a renewable source of energy that will always be available for use.

As opposed to biodiesel energy, conventional sources of energy are exhaustible, cause pollution, emit toxic particles into the atmosphere, expensive and prone to end one day. The use of biodiesel energy has thus increased so that it finally becomes the only alternative source of energy that is able to meet the rising energy demands.

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