Wednesday, April 15, 2009

How to make bio diesel

Biodiesel energy is the energy obtained from bio diesel. Bio diesel is a non petroleum fuel that is used mainly for diesel engine vehicles. Mostly, biodiesel used for generating biodiesel energy is obtained from vegetable oil or animal fats.

The use of biodiesel energy has increased because biodiesel is reliable, cheap and environmental friendly.

The methods of making biodiesel to be used in biodiesel energy generation are Vegetable oil and mixing of other oils with gas.

Vegetable oil can be used to make bio diesel. For using biodiesel made from vegetable oil, the diesel engine needs to be modified so that it can optimally run on bio diesel. In such cases, there are separate tanks for bio diesel and ordinary diesel. The engine can be started with ordinary diesel and later a switch can be used to shift to biodiesel. This method is cheap, convenient, clean and easy to make biodiesel.

By Mixing oil with gas or petroleum, the vegetable oil which is thick can be made thin and lets it easily flow into combustion chambers of diesel vehicles. Gas, kerosene or petrol can be mixed with vegetable oil. However, this results to the presence of impurities in bio diesel. The mixing can be done in any ratio.

Vegetable oil or animal fats can also be converted to biodiesel. Engines of diesel vehicles do not need any modifications for running on biodiesel. Bio diesel can be put directly into the tanks. Biodiesel is a clean, safe and ready to use fuel.

Biodiesel energy obtained from biodiesel can be put to various uses and can be used optimally and effectively to meet energy needs.

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