Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sources of biodiesel energy

Biodiesel is a bio fuel that possesses energy that is known as biodiesel energy. The biodiesel energy is being used in large quantities because it is a renewable, eco friendly and a cost effective source of energy.

Biodiesel energy can be obtained from a number of sources. Biodiesel can be manufactured from waste vegetable oil. It is the most economical source of biodiesel production but the availability of waste vegetable oil is not sufficient enough to meet the increasing energy needs. Biodiesel energy can be obtained by converting the waste vegetable oil into products like soap. Biodiesel energy can also be obtained from bio diesel produced from animal fats.

Bio diesel produced from crops is also a source of biodiesel energy. Plants use the process of photosynthesis to convert solar energy into chemical energy. This chemical energy is stored in bio diesel and released in the form of biodiesel energy when the bio diesel is burnt.

Algae are another source from which bio diesel energy can be obtained. However, algae have not been used on a commercial scale for the production of bio diesel.

All the sources of biodiesel energy are renewable and easily available. They are the least expensive sources and can be deployed easily wherever required. Biodiesel energy sources do not cause any pollution and are also easy to maintain. The use of all types of bio diesel sources is increasing and becoming more and more popular and convenient.

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