Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Why is biodiesel energy gaining importance as an alternative source?

Biodiesel is the fuel from natural sources. It burns like ordinary diesel to produce biodiesel energy. Biodiesel is made from natural vegetable oils or animal fats by the process of transesterification. In this process the oils and fats are converted to useful esters and the fatty acids are removed.

There are several reasons why biodiesel energy is gaining importance as an alternative source of energy. It is environment friendly and can be easily used in big and heavily polluted cities to reduce pollution and preserve the environment. It is biodegradable as it breaks down at least five times faster than ordinary diesel. It is non toxic as it does not emit either carbon monoxide or sulfur dioxide. It reduces cancer risks by almost ninety percent. Biodiesel energy extends the life of vehicle engines and is also a less expensive source of energy. It can be used without making any modifications to the diesel engines. Biodiesel has better lubricity and does not cause wear and tear of the engines. It also gives more power to the engines as it ignites faster because of high cetane value. Biodiesel energy is safer to handle because bio diesel is non- flammable and non- explosive. If there is any spillage of bio diesel into water, the environment is not adversely affected in any way. Biodiesel energy helps in sustainable growth of the economy and the nation.

Biodiesel energy is available readily and can be used immediately as an alternative source of energy.

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